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Silverlight in Live Writer

Get Microsoft Silverlight


Head in the Box


Shout out to the happy architect Erik Meijer 🙂

Windows Audio in need of a new UX

I am thinking Windows audio needs a Virtual Audio Cable abstraction.  Where you can hook things up to other things and mix things, and stream to other things.


Case closed

My 12 year old daughter did this the other day from hand.  Pretty darn nice.

Case Closed

Microsoft Search


Paragon Drive Copy – deploy new hard drive easily!

Anyone using the Paragon drive copy software?  Was thinking about getting it to drive copy to CD/DVD.


Paragon Drive Copy – deploy new hard drive easily!

Da new blog

Decided to join the wordpress world and move from msn spaces.  Spaces has been good, but things like comments, spelling, editing,  and finding your own blog posts can use some work.  For now, I will give this a spin.